Tips for Dressing your Striped Shirt

Today we talk about striped shirts and some tips to combine them. And is that knowing how to choose and combine clothes that favor you more, depending on the circumstance, is not a simple task. Because men also like to look and feel good, and this is reflected in the attitude and confidence about yourself, generating greater opportunities in personal and professional life.

The striped shirts  are characterized by their versatility, simplicity, style and elegance, three common adjectives in what is the philosophy of Haberdashers. Regarding the most outstanding styles and colors of the shirts in general we have white, black and dark blue, as smooth colors; but there are also prints, pictures and stripes.

First, we must take into account and identify the type of body , that is, knowing how to identify our body shape. You should also evaluate and take into account the  occasion for which you are going to dress, combining each garment and accessory. It is not only to wear a good striped shirt of recognized brand, but the colors, textures and correct attitude to wear it. You should also take into account the age you have, although a garment is fashionable and you like it, it will not necessarily fit you or it will be according to your age.

Here we must be very careful, because if we talk about care, the shirt should be in good condition , you should not wear clothes that look worn because you generate an impact contrary to what you want.