Top 7 ideas to combine Converse shoes

combine Converse shoes

The masculine style goes from head to toe (although some have it too internalized ????). And that is why, this time we will put all our attention on footwear . Most of the time we don’t buy the right one, and each man must have at least five different pairs of shoes / sneakers to be able to alternate with different looks. That is why, for those times where we have no idea how to combine them, always good Converse shoes will get us out of trouble.

Converse shoes have been in the consumer’s focus for years, since they are very versatile when combined with our look. What I mean by this? Well, we can combine them with almost everything, that is, they can be worn with a casual, semi-formal or even very formal style.

With this we do not tell you that you should only have a Converse in your closet , no, it is important to have a good repertoire of shoes to combine. But, it is very true that these shoes are all an SUV that will take us out of more than a hurry so we recommend that you visit the official website of Converse, and take a look at stores at some online stores such as converse shoes on Amazon .

When choosing shoes, the Converse have the characteristic that they are very comfortable, versatile and there is a large collection to choose from. It is impossible that you may not like one of these, since each one has its own touch. Now, if you have Converse and you have no idea how to combine them, here we leave you a top of ideas that you can start with to give your style that youthful air that you were waiting for so much.

For informal departures

There are very few men, for now, who are fans of skinny jeans, but we cannot doubt that they are not bad with a Converse style blue ankle boots like the ones shown below. If you have no problem with this type of pants, you can combine them perfectly with a comfortable and comfortable black flannel.

A semi formal look

If you feel that your skinny jeans are not your thing, then here we bring you a slightly more relaxed look. It consists of a white button-down shirt with some patterned embellishment, a little looser black pants and a typical classic Converse . Perfect look to go on a date or something semi-formal with friends.

Perfect for work

If what you want is to look professional, young and fashionable, you only have to wear a white shirt with a tie – or without it – a V-neck sweater, comfortable semi-formal pants and a Converse.

This look is very cool , it is perfect for a day at the office, remember that if you are the youngest in it you can catch all the looks of the ladies. You must try!

For the summer

Nothing better than going out in summer and being comfortable with every piece of clothing you wear. If you are one of those who love shorts, this is a good idea for you. Get shorts of the color of your choice and combine them with a white button-down shirt and a good Denim Converse type . You can help yourself more with glasses or a hat, remember that accessories are important.

The good thing about this look is that you can take it to your own style, since, if you do not consider yourself very formal, you can combine it in a much more casual way that still looks great. For example, this cooler look with shorts with a baggy flannel and white Converse .

Not to go unnoticed

If what you want is to make your look notice, but without being too extreme, this is perfect for you. Combination of black with a plaid shirt at the waist, it can be the color you want, but remember that it has to be different from what you wear in a shirt and pants, since the idea is that this piece stands out. And, of course, a white Converse that will be the first thing to attract attention when you approach your group of friends.

The king of style

I think this look is very versatile, you can use it for work, for a semi-formal meeting or for an important appointment. A white Converse always save and use them with blue plaid pants, a white patterned flannel, black sweater and a clock brand accessory that attracts attention is best. Try it, this will give you a very fresh and serious look, ideal for whatever.

For the most formal events

Not necessarily for a formal event you should wear the suit that drowns you with the most uncomfortable shirt . Try to be more relaxed with a striped shirt, a suit and white converse. I assure you that you will be the envy of the whole meeting.