10 pairs of men’s basic wardrobe shoes

There are a huge number of types of shoes, and often men are faced with the problem of choosing what to buy so that it fits the wardrobe, and it is comfortable and stylish. Instead of being tormented in thought (or buying something that turns up at hand), we suggest you focus on the universal options that we have selected.

  1. Classic Oxford Shoes You will definitely wear them with a suit for work or social events. Even if your position does not imply an official business style of clothing, classic shoes simply must be in your arsenal – you never mind. The most traditional option that we offer is black oxfords made of genuine leather. You can combine them with a suit of any color, which in itself is very convenient. However, if you do not mind the idea of ​​standing out a bit, you can try to pick up patent leather shoes. But be careful: they are usually worn on solemn occasions, since this model is considered to be evening. Suede shoes and multi-colored oxfords are a less formal option, but you also need to choose a business suit for it. “Oxfords, but not brogues”: shoes that every gentleman should have
  2. Derby Another classic model, even outwardly similar to oxfords, but less formal and with significant differences. Such shoes are characterized by a narrowed toe and a wide heel with thin soles. The most popular are black and brown derby made of leather. Black leather derby, like the previous model, is worn exclusively for classic suits, but suede shoes and shoes of different colors can be mixed with informal trousers. By the way, jeans lovers will definitely like it: if you choose the right derby, you will look respectable even in this everyday version.
  3. Loafers These are informal men’s shoes for everyday style. Their distinctive feature is the absence of fasteners and laces. Outwardly, they may seem like moccasins, but in fact it is not. In contrast, loafers have a stiff sole and a wide heel. There are also enough types of loafers, so you can easily pick up to your taste. Don’t wear loafers with a business suit – the image will be simplified and turn out to be more informal. Although the Venetian or penny loafers look pretty good. So if you plan to wear loafers with a strict suit, then, as in the previous paragraphs, we advise you to stay on the black model of matte leather.
  4. Boaters Boaters are like loafers, moccasins and sneakers in one bottle and fit perfectly into your wardrobe for the summer. Boaters are distinguished by a white rubber sole and a lace stretched to the heel. This model can be combined with jeans, cotton or linen summer pants and will be appropriate even with medium-length shorts.
  5. Slippers It is rather difficult to imagine more comfortable and familiar shoes. This is the most important element of the basic men’s wardrobe. There are countless models of

    Slippers– you can choose the right option for dating or meeting friends, playing sports, traveling and even finding a democratic model for going to work. In general, running shoes are universal. It is only important to choose really high-quality crosses, so that they will serve you more than one season.
  6. Sneakers Sneakers – shoes that primarily provide you with comfort in everyday wear. Sneakers should well protect the sensitive part of the foot – the toe. Therefore, when choosing, it is important to look at the sole: high-quality shoes have a thickening on the toe, which is made of a more dense material. However, many problems of the owners of sneakers are connected with the sole. When buying, always try to check its elasticity – it should bend, but not too easily. A very malleable sole is no better than a solid sole – such sneakers will not last long. The most common combination, of course, sneakers with jeans – here you definitely will not lose. However, if we are talking about high sneakers, it is better to choose trousers with lapels, skinny jeans or shorts (a great summer option). By the way, if there is no strict dress code at work, you can try combining a jacket and sneakers – it looks very stylish (though it’s important to choose the right color scheme). Black sneakers look great with clothes of any color, but in other cases everything is individual.
  7. Slip- on shoes Haters of shoelaces (if any) can be advised another lightweight model that is ideal for summer – slip-ons. As with sneakers, they fit snugly against the foot and have a smooth rubber sole. And in place of the laces of the slip-ons there are stretch inserts that make it easy to put on. Do not underestimate the slip-ons – they can add an interesting accent to your image. Well, to provide you comfort for the whole day, of course.
  8. Sandals One of the easiest models of summer shoes for men. We don’t think we should talk about how to wear sandals – just don’t put them on with socks and everything will be okay. By the way, if leather sandals seem to you a relic of the past, you can appreciate other options, for example, models from textiles in sports style. Most often, they are regulated with special clasps or keep on the foot due to Velcro. True, such sandals are best worn with shorts. How to dress in the summer
  9. Classic boots A great purchase will be classic high boots made of genuine leather with fur inside. This, of course, is an option for working with a business dress code. It is noteworthy that under the trousers they will look like ordinary classic shoes, only a little more massive and higher. Important: do not choose suede boots. Yes, it is stylish and in many cases really looks elegant, but this option is suitable only for dry winters: suede material will not withstand the effects of water and dirt.
  10. Trekking boots This shoe is designed to be worn in the most adverse weather conditions. Therefore, trekking boots are incredibly hardy – they are comfortable on any road surface, they do not slip, hold heat well, do not get wet. For wet and dirty winters, that’s it. Well, do not forget that such shoes are indispensable if you decide to go camping in the cold season. There are many colors, and democratic (for example, black or dark brown) shoes can be worn almost anywhere. By the way, there are no special recommendations for combination with trousers either – freedom!