10 things that should be in your basic wardrobe

A basic wardrobe gives you the opportunity to create a huge number of images for every day from different combinations of the same things. It sounds as if you could not cope without the help of a stylist or your girlfriend, but in fact, making a basic wardrobe is no more difficult than nailing a shelf in the bathroom. The main thing is to know what things need to look for a place in the closet. With the support of the workshop “Boot and Lace”, we have prepared for you a list of items of clothing that must be in your closet.

  1. T-shirt Contrary to popular belief that t-shirts are not serious for an adult, they should be in your wardrobe. Of course, we are not talking about teenage print T-shirts and not about acidic things. Choose from the three most versatile colors – white, black and gray. In addition to the fact that T-shirts are ideal for everyday clothing, you can experiment a bit and create an image for a date or even for an informal business meeting. This is done extremely simply: put on a jacket over a white T-shirt, don’t fasten it. It looks very stylish and clearly allows you to easily stand out from the rest.
  2. Shirt Every man’s wardrobe (even if he doesn’t work in the office) should have at least (!) One plain shirt, just in case. It can come in handy for a business meeting, interview, a festive event (for example, a wedding of friends or going to a cafe) or for everyday style if you are a fan of wearing shirts with jeans.
  3. Jeans Jeans are stylish, comfortable and multifunctional. Properly selected denim pants can help you with almost any look. But remember: avoid leaky knees, patches and be careful about the length when choosing, so as not to end up with the image of a man who mixed jeans with breeches. As for the colors – feel free to choose black, blue or blue denim. With such shades you have the opportunity to mix clothes without fear of looking like a clown, even if the style is not your thing at all.
  4. Pants If you have an office dress code at your work, pay due attention to finding good trousers. Again, make sure that they fit in height and do not constrain you in movements. Universal trousers, of course, are black – with them the risk of making a mistake with the selection of the top is almost zero. Of course, you can choose non-standard blue trousers or try gray shades, but black trousers are an immortal classic.
  5. Jacket We hope that we don’t need to talk about why the jacket should be in your wardrobe, so let’s get down to business immediately. If it suddenly turned out that you bought trousers separately from your jacket, that is, not in one set, make sure that there is not too much difference between these items of clothing. For example, a checkered red jacket and black dress pants together are a sheer disaster. The same can be said about the black strict jacket that you are trying to inexplicably mix with light trousers. In general, remember: the color and “severity” of the jacket and trousers should match or only differ in shade. Example: you buy blue pants and a navy blue jacket. The colors are the same, but the shades vary.
  6. Sneakers Probably the most comfortable shoes that can appear in the wardrobe. Most interesting: sneakers are universal. There are hundreds of models and thousands of colors that can be used to create completely different images for different styles – sports, romantic, casual style. So they should absolutely take pride of place on the shelf.
  7. Classic shoes for men Since we got to the shoes, it is worth paying special attention to shoes that can be worn under a business classic suit. The favorite here, of course, is shoes with lacing, for example black oxfords. If you mess with the laces – this is not for you, you can take a closer look at the monks, or, as they are called, “pastoral shoes.” It is advisable to choose black color, as it is the most democratic and helps to avoid mistakes in the selection of the image.
  8. Loafers If the sneakers are still not for you, and the classic shoes are not exactly what suits your everyday style, feel free to choose loafers. They are also universal – they will fit under denim pants and under your regular trousers. They can go to the office, and on a date with your other half, and on a Friday party with friends. In general, for any occasion.
  9. Classic coat It is hard to imagine something more elegant than a black classic coat. A huge plus is that it is suitable not only for the winter period, but also in the off-season. You can wear it both on a classic suit, and on casual clothes, especially not worrying about how it all fits together.
  10. Jacket Well, for those who live in regions where winters are particularly severe, you certainly need to find a suitable insulated jacket. Do not try to stand out in bright colors like red or yellow – it is better to choose dark democratic colors: for example, win-win black, dark gray, dark blue, dark brown.