5 stylish things you can’t save on

Clothing from the mass market is not a crime against fashion, but an affordable option for everyone. What you see on the shelves of the shopping center is clothing for everyday life, sewn without taking into account the individual characteristics of your body, rarely transmitting something more than a fleeting trend. Luxury brands are a private club for the elite. It creates things with character, history and philosophy. Brands haute couture (high fashion) – a symbol of success, wealth and freedom. And what man does not dream to be successful? Together with the Aizel marketplace, we made a list of 5 wardrobe elements that a business man should not save on.

  1. Shoes A business man must look expensive, otherwise no one would think to pay him a lot of money. High-quality shoes for a business suit – this is your application: “I know my price, I value convenience, style, I need comfort, and I can afford it all.” You work in a large company, sit in the office or fly from city to city to meet with customers – your shoes should always be well-groomed: without dust, scratches, creases and worn soles. So, for example, shoes from 100% patent leather from Dolce & Gabbana are able to satisfy all the needs of a business man. You should know the features of the philosophy of the Italian fashion house: relaxedness, sexuality, classics with character, comfort for a city dweller. Dolce & Gabbana clothes are distinguished by rich colors, bold prints like flowers, animals, chains, because the brand is not shy of natural eroticism. If you appear in such shoes, your partners will have no doubt: you are a temperamental, passionate person, and you deserve your place among successful people. Of course, you will wear Dolce & Gabbana men’s shoes for many years, and with proper care their appearance will remain as first-class as when purchased.
  2. Belt Anyone who says that a business suit should be strict is hopelessly outdated. Even in the business environment there is a place for sexuality and creativity, and accessories are responsible for this. Let you choose an inexpensive suit of restrained colors, without frills and glamor – add a belt with an interesting print to it and get not a boring image of an office worker, but a stylish, daring and damn attractive image of a modern business man. An expensive and high-quality belt is a small part that crowns your image as a whole, distinguishes you from the crowd of equally dressed people, brings your personal characteristics to the forefront and removes flaws. A great example of such an accessory is the Gucci men’s belt , made of 100% calfskin with a snake print and a gilded plaque. It is perfect for a total black costume. Gucci gives one mention to hedonism. These guys, like all Italians, know a lot about pleasures: art, sex, expensive wine, delicacies. In Gucci clothes, you look like the person who knew all this. Why not create the image of a man whose life was a success, to carry the message about his own success as a mantra into the business environment?
  3. Tie Let everyone who knows how to tie a tie wear it – you can always make this element a sign of your elitism. If your dress code obliges you to wear a tie, do it right: choose a high-quality cut, perfect seams, the right shape and natural materials. A luxury tie is a 100% guarantee that you bought something exclusive, tailored specifically for the client. If you do not care what your tie looks like, then it doesn’t matter how your colleagues and partners relate to you. If you want to show your business partners that you can be trusted, but you have to reckon with your opinion, put on a tie from Prada . This fashion house throughout its existence has proven: Prada is about quality, classics, and elitism. Their clothes are a sign of pride, perfectionism and style, brought to the absolute. No one will argue with a man wearing a Prada tie.
  4. Watches Watches talk a lot about their owner. Dear watches, if they are appropriately matched to the image, report on the quality of life, the status of the man, his attitude to himself, his past and present. In a business environment, saving on watches is a bad tone, because your hands are always on the lookout of business partners, customers and superiors. Thus, you can immediately declare yourself: “I deserve the best.” Tag Heuer men’s watches will help you to produce such an effect . They are the embodiment of status and quality in every detail. The Swiss movement Caliber 16, a sapphire crystal with a double-sided anti-reflective coating, a dial with luminescent rhodium indices and a strap made of crocodile leather are responsible for accuracy. In such watches, at one time, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tiger Woods and even Barack Obama were dissected. You should wear them at the moments of important negotiations, speeches and events, so that at first glance the interlocutor understands that he is an important person.
  5. Cufflinks Cufflinks are a piece of jewelry designed specifically for men. This small detail suggests that you understand the style and consider yourself worthy of expensive things. Cufflinks are associated with people who do not do manual labor, and sign million-dollar contracts in an expensive shirt. This precious detail will add status to your image. But in order not to get confused in the brands, start with silver Canali cufflinks inlaid with the natural mineral onyx. Their minimalistic and neat appearance will suit any suit and will be a great accessory that will easily and elegantly complete the overall impression of you as a rich, stylish, ambitious man.