8 Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

The colony is one of the complements that we take care of the most, a basic element in our day to day life that can say a lot about us. Therefore, it is necessary to give it the importance it deserves, and get one that really suits what we want, because there are as many types of perfumes as there are scents you can imagine .

One of the aspects that we pay more attention to when buying a perfume is its fragrance and how long it lasts. It is very probable that you have ever stopped to think that the smell of your colony vanishes very quickly and you do not know why. Although our sense of smell gets used to the colony and we stop smelling it, you are probably doing something else when it comes to getting rid of it. Therefore you should pay close attention, since this coveted liquid carries some unwritten rules that must be known , and that in stylesmen we will list. You have chosen the indicated article.

1. Expose the perfume right after the shower

We always tend to sprinkle our favorite perfume once we are ready, practically with the coat on, but the truth is that the ideal situation to get something more out of our fragrance is just showering, since the pores of the skin, when you use hot water, they are more open and therefore absorb the fragrance better. In addition, a moist and hydrated skin enhances the smell even more.

2. Never put on perfume if your skin is wet

We were talking about the best time to lay down the colony after the shower. But of course, as long as you’re dry, otherwise it will not be worth anything, it will end up not adhering to the skin and you will lose much of the effect of the spray. Remember to also dry the most difficult areas such as the back of the knees, the armpits, the collarbone, the neck or the part behind the ears , point called “pulse” where the enhancing effect is double.

3. Hydrate your skin whenever you can

One of the points that you should pay more attention to is the care of your skin, because if you are one of those people with a dry skin, the effect will be less. That is why we recommend that, once you have dried, use a moisturizing gel with which to achieve a better absorption of the colony . Also, you have to choose correctly the body lotion or the gel, since one with a very powerful smell could cover or mix with the fragrance of the colony, with an unpleasant result.

4. Spray the fragrance on “the pulse points”

As we have pointed out before, not all the sites of our body are the most indicated for the odor to be maintained. First of all, if you are one of those who throw the cologne for all the clothes forget it as soon as possible, since it does not work and could even leave you spots depending on the type. To avoid this, you should know that in our body there are different areas where heat is concentrated by the proximity of the skin to the blood vessels : the area of ​​the wrist, the area of ​​the neck, the inside of the elbows and knees, the back of the ears and even the navel. Try to throw the colony in these areas and you will see how the smell stays much longer.

5. Take the colony away from your body and do not abuse it

For a correct administration of the perfume you should know that you do not have to take the boat and put it on your body . With a distance of between 15 and 18 centimeters it will be enough for the fragrance to envelop you. In this way, it is not necessary to spray in abundance since two or three sprays will be enough to smell good . Remember that even if you do not smell yourself, others do. And it is not a plan to lose the sense of smell at your side.

6. Apply the perfume by giving gentle strokes and let it dry

Once you decide on which pulse points you are going to apply the fragrance, the next concern has to do with the boat. Many of them do not have a sprinkler and therefore you will have to use your hands. For these cases it is best to apply several drops directly in the area and then rub gently with the fingertips in circular movements . When you have finished, let it dry. If you have a scent with a sprayer, just wait until it dries for a couple of minutes.

7. Apply the perfume every few hours

As it can happen with other items such as sun creams, the cologne is another product that must be replaced every so often as its properties are lost. Although there is no established schedule, since it will depend a lot on what we are doing, in general it is best to replace the fragrance twice a day. Do not get obsessed with this unwritten law and start to abuse much of the perfume, because it is not the same to be all day in a place like an office that on the street or in a place where there are a lot of smells that can be impregnated in clothes, such as a nightclub.

8. Look at the expiration date of the perfume

Yes, perfumes also have a date on which they can progressively lose their characteristic odor. Although it seems that the bottle is preserved as the first day, you are very wrong. In fact, the safest thing is that it does not even smell, so spend it in a decent time. If you want to prolong your life, the essential thing is to keep the perfume away from the sun’s rays and heat to prevent it from spoiling .

The last advice: have two different colonies

We all have a favorite colony that has conquered us. But monopolies are never good, neither in perfumes. It is best to reserve that special colony for special situations, and another more common (or not) for day to day. Or you can even choose a style depending on the moment you’re in: one sweeter in the mornings, one more acidic in the afternoon and the one you like the most for the night . With this combination, triumph in life will be a little easier.