Bald men have more confidence, attractiveness and influence than men with hair

There are some very powerful bald people in show business . We have Jason Statham, the best uncle deals in all the action movies in which he stars and that less messes up. Vin Diesel, his car and Fast & Furious saga … and hairless. And last but not least, Dwayne “the highest-paid Hollywood actor” Johnson, who spends little on shampoo.

And is that these unsuccessful guys are by chance. A study at the University of Pennsylvania asked three groups of participants to rate certain photos of men according to character traits, such as attractiveness, confidence and influence.

And yes, you suppose it well: the bald men won by a landslide. The author of the study, Albert. E Mannes, indicates that this could make men stop fearing their hair loss: “Assuming hair loss honestly is part of a nonverbal behavior, a form of expression that communicates information about yourself that, if not well, it would be difficult to observe, “says the study.

Does this mean that bald men are more mysterious than men with toupees? “Men with shaved heads will be better off economically in negotiations,” says the study, so if you have plans to do business with a bald man, one of two: either rapas or prepare it as if it were a marathon.

At this point, there is one thing we must clarify: these rules only apply if you are completely bald. The study found that individuals with entrails or papillae are seen as weaker than those who were completely shaved.

Are you getting bald and afraid to wake up and see every day more hairs on your pillow? Do not waste your money in vain and assume that one of these days you will be a self-confident man, very attractive and with a power of influence that neither Dwayne Johnson.