Difference Between Casual And Formal Business Clothes

Difference Between Casual And Formal Business Clothes

After reading this post you will have clearer how to dress to go to work, since you will understand the difference between casual and formal business clothes. In stylesMen we will teach you how to make a good impression, whether you have an interview or in the daily sessions. Learn how to look professional from the start.

General dress codes

Most work sites have a dress code that all employees must meet. Depending on the type of company, customers and the position of a person, you must adapt your way of dressing.

When you are new to a workplace or aspire to a position, it can be difficult to adapt if you don’t know the rules of dress. In these cases it is always better to go safe and maintain a conservative style while you adapt. Build a basic work wardrobe that will help you face those first moments.

Work clothes can be casual or formal, depending on the occasion, schedules and other factors. In general, for formal interviews and meetings, you have to wear a formal style. While for the daily days you opt for a casual or informal business arranged.

In recent years it has been imposed in several countries, Spain among them, casual Friday, in which there is the freedom to go more informal than the rest of the days, without reaching an informal or sporty dress.

But, in any of the above cases there are general rules that must be followed. All the clothes you wear in the workplace should fit. Always buy clothes that are your size, nothing big or small.

It must also be in good condition. If your favorite shirt has many years with you and begins to look worn, it’s time to discard it. The only thing you will get with it is to leave a bad impression. Nor should it have wrinkles, all clothing must be well ironed.

Shoes and accessories

You also have to be careful with the use of accessories and accessories. Men must follow the rule of combining the belt with the shoes.

Difference between casual and formal business clothes

Casual business clothes

When we hear about the casual dress code we have to understand the different labels to which you can refer. Casual casual or sport is a sporty style. The casual business allow you to be comfortable without losing professionalism and the smart casual is the kind of clothes you would wear to the office on Friday, a little more casual.

Casual wear is discarded for the office. Instead, in your day to day you should maintain a casual business style, that is, dress elegant but casual .

A neutral color palette will serve you for any occasion in the office. Prints are allowed as long as they are subtle. Avoid those very striking and choose a garment in which you will wear it, for the rest of the set use solid colors.

Blazers and cardigans are a good option to take to the office. They will dress you better, without having to wear a suit. The pants of man that you wear must be dress, discard the jeans.

Also forget about shorts, shorts, sneakers, shirts and everything that makes you look very casual. For footwear, choose leather shoes, loafers, low heels or boots.

Casual dress men

To give you an idea of ​​the clothes you can include in a men’s office wardrobe , we present some options.

Dress shirts that are long sleeves. It is essential that you have a white and a light blue, you can include others in light and neutral tones, depending on your tastes. You can also wear Polo shirts, but opt ​​for those that are uni color.

Chinese or wool pants, with a jacket of the same material or a blazer. The ties in this case are optional, you are not required to wear them, as it would be in a more formal look.

Formal business clothing

Formal business clothing is what you will need to attend important meetings and job interviews or internships. In these moments you have to leave the best impression of yourself.

In some workplaces, especially those that deal with finances, this type of formal dress is more common. In the rest it is used only on certain occasions.

To comply with the rules of this outfit, dress as formally as possible. Men should wear a dress suit. In the set the jacket must be the same color as the pants, as the case may be.

Take care of all the details of your clothes. Not only should they be impeccable, but they should fit you well. The sleeves of the jacket, for example, should be just above the wrist. The shirt should not be too baggy or too tight.

The color of the suits must be dark , it can be black, gray or blue. Combine them with lighter shirts. If you want to add a little color, you can do it in the accessories, but always maintaining a discreet appearance.

Job Tag

When you know the office rules you know the freedoms you can afford. As long as you don’t know them, it’s better to keep certain limits. For example, if you have visible piercings it is better to remove them when you go to an interview. Tattoos are also preferable to cover them.

The rest of the rules are general and do not differ from any other rule of etiquette. The socks should be the same color as the pants and cover the heels.

Ties, in this case, are necessary. There is a rule to dress them and it is that the tip should touch the upper edge of the belt. And this must be the same color as the shoes.

Final tips

When you attend a job interview, take only what is necessary. A purse or wallet, in the case of men, to carry essential documents.

The front pockets must be empty. Do not carry personal items, such as mobile, visible. If you have no place to store them during the interview, it is preferable to leave it in the car or keep it in your bag.

How much should you invest in work clothes?

Are you worried about the amount of money you will need to build the wardrobe to work ? The good news is that you don’t need to make a great investment. The key is to buy some basic garments, which you can combine with each other so that it does not seem that you always wear the same.

Play with the accessories to give it a distinctive touch every day. You also have to take into account the different seasons of the year. You will need clothes for the cold months and for the hot months. Even so, there are garments that will serve you for the whole year. And if you know how to take care of seasonal clothing, it will last a long time and you will not have to go out and buy a new one when the next station arrives again.

Now that you are clear about these rules, saying what to wear to go to work will not be a big problem. You will see that it is not as complicated as it seems.