Keys to combine shirts and ties

If you work in an office with any type of corporate dress code, you must have already created a wardrobe with a wide variety of shirts and ties of different colors, patterns and textures.

But do you know how to combine these garments? Can you combine checkered designs with other squares? Stripes with stripes? Purple with a lighter shade of purple?

Paying special attention to the basic “what to do” and “what not to do” to best combine a shirt with a tie will simplify the process of dressing, and will eliminate the doubt if it looks good or not.

A basic list of what to do and what not to do to combine a shirt with a tie:

Patterns and patterns.

Yes you can combine a printed shirt with a patterned tie, as long as the print is not the same or similar in size, ie a shirt with small squares with a tie with stripes or large squares or a shirt with small stripes with a tie with stripes or large squares.

Patterned tie with design Shirt

Do not combine a shirt with a tie with the same design, that is, if the shirt has vertical stripes (large or small) the tie can not be vertical stripes. The horizontal or inclined stripes could combine as long as they are of a different size.

Yes, combine full colors with designs or prints, that is, the whole color shirt with the tie with design or the tie full color with the shirt with design.

Tie color and Shirt

Do not combine full-color shirts with a tie of the same color, even if it is stamped, unless there is a minimum of the same color on the tie.

Do not resort to putting whole colors on whole colors unless you are combining a white shirt with a black tie (or imitating Regis Philbin’s style of his days in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”)

Yes, dare and try a design (like bicycles or repeating flowers) instead of using squares, stripes, polka dots … then prepare yourself for a copious amount of praise.

Shirt and tie mix

Do not let your shirt and tie mix. Always respect the concept of a clear tie / dark shirt or light shirt / dark tie.

Yes, play with the pastel colors. Just make sure that one “stands out” more than the other.

Do not use primary colors together if you do not want to see yourself as an art project for a kindergarten child.

Yes, wear a black tie with a white shirt; It is always a classic. But never the other way around, a black shirt and a white tie (unless you are attending a retro party).

Be creative when it comes to color. Combine a shirt and a tie that accentuated the color or colors in each piece. Accentuating a color tone is always a sure triumph.