Mens Summer Fashion

To preserve the masculine style this summer, it is necessary to understand that fashion in this era is focused on fabrics. Consequently, among the best materials to survive high temperatures while preserving elegance, are: cotton, silk and linen, light fabrics and super cool.

The masculine fashion of summer, is synonymous with risk, is the best time to use daring combinations, prints and vibrant colors, incorporating unique pieces in the wardrobe. It is also a great opportunity to take hats, dark glasses and comfortable shoes.

The fashion for this summer, has several trends, including: Worker, with oversize suits, baggy pants, raincoats to the ankles and running shoes; Simultaneously, the tight-fitting, slim fit and skinny forms have remained in the past, according to the new proposals on international catwalks. The indispensable garment, the straight cut pants, wide leg and high waist.

The men’s fashion summer, recovers the business attire used in the 90’s, highlights the shoulders by placing discreet shoulder pads and the lapels are wide; In addition, the jackets are lengthened creating an extra large effect, very in vogue, which is perfect with straight pants, with pleats at the waist.

This trend suggests gray tones in most stores. However, it adds pastel shades in yellow, blue and pink; additionally, toasted pigments, kahki greens and beiges are integrated. Although, the total look White, undoubtedly will be a great success.