The Shoes that Every Man should have for 2022

They are not things of vanity but of tendency, to go according to the time and not to put the first thing that is when opening the closet. In this opportunity we will talk about the men’s shoes that are fashionable and you should have to finish this year 2021 and get off to a good start this 2022.

What shoes should they have and why?

Going to fashion and elegant is no crime, rather it draws the attention of women and all those with whom we are interested in maintaining a personal or business relationship. And since fashion also comes in the shoes, the models you need to have at your disposal are:

Oxford shoes

The famous shoes with heel of the Oxford Brand have not stopped generating impact in terms of sales. Its main characteristic is the piece where the holes for its laces are located, because they are sewn together with the bottom of the shoe.

Its classic style will give you a touch of elegance for the remainder of the year. It is perfect to be combined with a suit or even a tuxedo, whether you use a pair in black or brown.


The traditional pair of tennis with its characteristic white color and its simple design returns to the fore. They are the perfect ally for any casual style you want to wear.

Black boots

Not only women are attractive in good black boots, but also gentlemen, whether they are closed or with their laces. By having one of these by the beginning of this year 2022 you will get an elegant style for any place without being too flashy or too formal.

The best thing to combine your boots is to use good straight pants, or any that you do not have too loose and be short. At the top you can wear a shirt or a suit, either of the two options perfectly matches your boots and will be enough to bring out all your potential.

Desert Boots

If what you want to complete the 2018 is a balance in your dress, between formal and informal, these boots are what you should buy. There is no age to wear one of these boots, its design is casual but quite elegant.


And finally the most acclaimed by the gentlemen for generations, which were later even patented for the ladies are the moccasins. This is a multifunctional footwear that will give you a formal but at the same time very youthful image.

Combining your loafers will not be a difficult task since they fit very well with almost any type of clothing. They will add elegance to a casual cowboy and will be a special complement for a more formal suit.


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