The worst choices to take to the office

If you, like many people in the world, work in an office, you should know that there are garments that simply should not be used. And yet, we always see them in the offices anyway.

For that reason, StylesMen thought it was time to put some of these forbidden garments into a definitive list of things that no man should take to work.

“These garments and accessories can make you look careless, childish or just plain ridiculous. You will not want any of that,” writes Linette Lopez.

And in case you were wondering … Yes all these rules apply for casual Friday . Keep in mind that it’s called “casual” Friday, and not Friday. “I dress like I’m at my best friend’s house.”

Special thanks to Jessica Cadmo of The Wardrobe Whisperer for her collaboration with this list.

Sport socks. If you think that people can not see that you are wearing sports socks because their pants cover them, think twice. Every man should know that his stockings will be seen at some point.

Any shirt he was wearing the night before. At this point there are two levels. If he changed his clothes after work, he put on a shirt to go out to dinner, and after a couple of hours, he went to his house, took it off, and then went to bed – it’s okay. You can wear this shirt again the next day.

If you changed after work, put on a shirt to go out to meet your friends, and you took and danced for hours to then return home, eat something and play video games until you fell asleep – then no, you should not use it. Please, use your best criteria here.

Vests. Ladies and gentlemen, former Senator Rick Santorum. There is no more to say.

Male jewelry Wedding ring? Yes. Clock? Clear. Everything else? It will look like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Anything wrinkled. Can do it! Let’s just try ironing. Once you learn to iron well, welcome to adulthood.

Shoes that are not made of leather. No shoes that are partially made of mesh and have bright yellow tones will reflect a “professional adult” style.

A backpack. The backpacks are for camping, traveling and carrying textbooks. They are also for small children who need to put their rubber in a separate compartment so they do not mistreat their homework notebooks. Do you need a separate compartment for your rubber?

Patches on either side – case, bag … nothing. Ok we understand your feat, you toured or escalated something or graduated from some institution and is proud of it. So he puts it in his backpack, or sticks it in his coat as a souvenir. In case you have not noticed, you look like a Boy Scout.

A belt ‘in fashion’. Fashionable belts or belts are for your free time. For example, this studded copy is for when you are rehearsing with your alternative rock band. Or maybe you have one of those big belt buckles made in Texas. Those are for when you are herding cattle, riding a wild horse, or something like that. None of that is office work.

Hats Wearing a hat indoors is disrespectful. The worst thing is that the hats that men decide to take to work are usually ugly. And by “ugly” we refer to wing hats. And by “carry” we mean that they are pretty bad.

Anything without sleeves. If it is not good to wear a sleeveless polo shirt to go to the office, imagine wearing one with an inscription.

Flip flops. There is no pair of flip flops that can be carried to an office. I’m sorry, not even your “classy” sandals from the Rainbows brand.

Sportswear of any kind. Do you work in the backstage as a prop of an event? Then take off those sports clothes.