Unique Trends in Men’s Fashion for 2022

We are just beginning this 2022, and already recognized brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Louis Vuitton, among others, have let see what their designs and clothes will be in fashion. Some garments of 2021 remain in trend, others change drastically and as always, some old customs return to the scene.

White suit

The white suit returns in 2022 with all the force, displacing a little the plain colored suits that were used in the year 2021. Dolce Gabbana, Luis Vuitton and Balenciaga have already shown that they join this trend and have even glimpsed their own totally white designs, fitted and very elegant.

Black shirt

The black shirt always represents a bit of distrust in men. But, if you have one in your closet this year is the right one to use it, it will be fashionable, I assure you. There are those who like to combine it with a suit and tie of the same color to have an elegant look. You can also put aside the aspect of mourning and dare to combine this shirt with colorful ties or a lighter suit, no doubt will be great.

Your father’s jeans

Jeans are the other piece of clothing that is changing in 2022. The straight cut and the fitted have been a little behind and has returned to the foreground loose and casual jeans like those used by our parents in their youth, providing a informal, relaxed and retro style.

Casual suits with flannels

The informal suits with prints or bold colors are kept this 2022 and are worn with flannels, not shirts. Preferably those with a V-neck and unicolor tones are used. In this style of dress it also predominates as the favorite, the black color in the flannel, since it allows more combinations of colors and prints.

Goodbye to the fanny packs

Givenchy, Fendi and Jacquemus intend to impose in the coming months what would be the successor of the fanny pack. They propose as an accessory a wallet purse of small size with a thin rope to carry it on the shoulder and facilitate the movement.

Suits tailored

The jeans begin to be worn a little looser and with some fade, but the suits remain as they come. The tailored suits that lengthen the figure and show more athletic and slender will remain fashionable, and probably remain so for a long time, especially in the male market composed of adolescents and contemporary adults.

Multipurpose vests

Believe it or not, this year is the time to use your multipurpose vest as part of your outfit. Several brands of designers have come up with the idea of ​​making these vests with many pockets and something rustic a trend.