What to wear in the Rainy Season

We are in a week in which, according to meteorologists say, the rain will be the protagonist in terms of time. That is why we have decided to make this post with some clothes that we must have very at hand for rainy periods as we are now, there we go!

Waterproof: At present we can find a lot of practical and lightweight designs of this garment, adapting it to all body types and many colors.

Trench coat : The trench coat has become one of the essential items in any wardrobe, but not only in the rainy season. His details as belts and buttons have reinvented and modernized. It adapts to all types of sets, whether casual or formal.

Parkas:  This garment, usually olive green, has its origin in the American army, however, today we have it in almost all colors. They are perfect for day to day with informal outfits and also with others a little more arranged. In addition, the hooded models provide double protection against water.

Umbrella:  Classic accessory and essential for this season, we recommend small and foldable to take it on in case there is no rain and do not occupy much.

Hats:  We say hats since some models come prepared and waterproofed to withstand the humidity of the rain and are useful to go out during a drizzle or when there is no umbrella at hand.

Boots:  Walking over the puddles and jumping over them will be one of our funniest hobbies. Now the trend points to a variety of designs available in rain boots.

Keep walking in the rain!