Basic Guide To The Good Dress Of Men

basic guide for the good dress of men

Clothes say a lot about people, they are the first impression we give to others. On our website we will teach you about the basic guide to the good dress of men. You will learn about what clothes you should have in your closet.

Choice of appropriate garments

A man’s closet must be very versatile. Having the right clothes will help you create countless outfits that will be the right ones for every occasion.

There are basic garments such as men’s jeans and polo shirts, which are always perfect. Creating a wardrobe many times depends on age and tastes, however there are other pieces that should always be, such as costumes or a good pair of shirts.

When choosing the basics of your closet , take into account its versatility. If it is possible to combine that garment with others to create different styles and you should not ask yourself if it is something you would wear. Well, if something is in fashion but it definitely does not go with what you like to use, it is better not to wear it.

Basic guide to the good dress of men

Looking good doesn’t have to represent a challenge for men. There are pieces that are suitable for each person and that in many cases can be adjusted to fit perfectly. The way you dress says a lot about you, so it is important to look suitable for every occasion. In this post we will give you several tips that will help you define your style and what can look good on you.

Basic clothing tips

When buying clothes, it is important to take certain things into account. Being a man is very practical when you are going to buy any piece. But that does not mean you should choose anything. We will give you some basic guide for the good dress of men.

  • Buy clothes of your size: A mistake many men can make is to buy clothes either too big or too small. If you like a garment but it does not fit, discard it unless it can be adjusted.
  • Less is more: Simple and under loaded outfits are always ideal. Knowing how to dress for each occasion is not just wearing a casual or formal attire depending on the meeting. In many cases opting for sobriety and the classic is not synonymous with boring, rather it is a guarantee that there will be no mistakes. This rule also applies to accessories, you need to abuse them. While they can give a different touch to your outfit it does not mean that you should take all the accessories in your closet and use them together.
  • Be guided by trends: If something is in fashion it does not have to be the same as buying or using it. Well, not everything that is in trend will look good, it may even be, but it is not among your tastes. And if a garment bothers you automatically it will look bad.

Buy your basics

As we said, there are basic garments for men . The idea is to be able to find pieces that are versatile, that allow you to create many outfits in addition to having the characteristic of being timeless. Some of them are:

  • White shirts : something you can’t leave out is this garment. It works great for both casual and elegant styles.
  • Jeans : this garment is one of the most universal, there are many styles so finding the right ones will not be a difficult task.
  • Polo: it is an excellent option for a relaxed style without becoming sporty. It also allows you to wear it with shorts or jeans.
  • Suit: Although it is not a piece that is used so often, it is always necessary to have a suit that fits well.
  • Plain shirts: the shirts work for everyday life. They are perfect for hot seasons and with an ideal sweatshirt for cold weather.
  • Casual pants: opt for dark or beige ones, these are more versatile and easy to combine.

You saw according to your body

There are many types of body. What suits one does not have to fit the other. So it is important to take that into account when buying men’s clothes .

For thin men it is recommended that they choose pieces that are not tight but not loose, and that are straight. They can wear garments with volume and layered styles are ideal for them. They should be careful with the choice of costumes because if you are tall there is a possibility that it fits you well long but a little big.

If on the other hand you are more plump you should avoid layered clothes because it will give you more volume. Opt preferably for neutral colors and never buy too loose or too small clothes.

Create your own looks according to the occasion

There is a look for every occasion, if you want a casual style you can opt for jeans a T-shirt and sneakers. If on the other hand you want something more casual, wear dark pants, a shirt, it can be long or short sleeves and loafers.

To get formal style, wear a suit and classic Oxford shoes. An elegant enough outfit for any event. You can make a sporty style wearing t-shirts, sport pants and shoes.

Street Style can be risky if you prefer the classic. You can put on your outfit with ripped jeans, a pair of boots, a T-shirt, a denim jacket and some accessories to complement, such as hats and sunglasses.

Find your style

In fashion, one of the most important things is to find your own style. Trends are references, but that does not mean that you have to adopt everything that comes out on the catwalks.

Trying new styles is not bad. Just make sure it fits you and that you like it. With the passing of time fashion is changing and tastes too. So it is normal for you to gradually change the way you saw yourself.

With this basic guide for the good dress of men you can look great at all times. Remember that not closing yourself to new trends is an essential way to adapt fashion to be what you want.